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Natural Dead Sea Bath salt


Pure & natural bath salt from the original Dead Sea with essential oils.​

Come back home after a long day and relax your body in a warm bath with rejuvenating, relaxing bath salts from The Dead Sea. For centuries people have traveled great distances to come and bathe in the salt rich waters of The Dead Sea. The only thing second to actually bathing in the sea is taking a bath with Dead Sea bath salts. Now you can enjoy these wonderful salts in your own bath tub without having to travel to The Dead Sea! Benefits of Dead Sea Bath Salts: Our bath salts are a soothing blend of legendary Dead Sea rich-mineral salt along with natural aromatic (Essential) oil for super relaxation. Our bath salts contain a unique composition of mineral salts, minerals and trace elements for soothing, moisturizing effects on the whole body. Like nothing else, these salts will relax your muscles, enrich your skin with healthy minerals and wash away all your stress and worries. These wonderfully scented salts bring the premier spas of the Dead Sea to your bathtub. Immerse yourself in the waters of well-being.

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