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your Partner for Premium Beauty Brands
In 2013, the very first business was established to serve the passionate beauty admirers. Insistence and dedication with positive thinking have helped Aqua Therapy Cosmetics to evolve, develop and spread across UAE to operate successfully under multiple concepts. Aqua Therapy Cosmetics leads its markets by being the trendsetter in the beauty industry.

The Mission

To elevate the beauty industry in all our markets by educating our partners... to always apply the industry best- practices and at the same time, to build strategic alliances with key partners in order to help them produce and deliver better value for collaborative triple-win results...


Our Vision

To be the leader of the professional beauty and personal care business in the middle east... through maximum distribution of our products to all doors, and through ultimate satisfaction of our customers at all times..



We shape our corporate culture with an open and transparent attitude... and we drive it through encouraging staff ideas, empowering management, holding them accountable and rewarding excellence at all times...


Aqua Therapy, has become successful due to the values and finely tuned practices that are built into every single step of our wholesale distribution business model.  By adhering to our commitment to provide exceptional service along with offering a diversified product selection, we understand that our customers will benefit, and thus will partner with us for the long-term.

Aqua Therapy is devoted to:

  • Maintaining a loyal commitment to both our suppliers and our customers, creating a stable link in your supply chain

  • Striving to offer a vast array of inventory, strategically purchased to ensure that trending products are acquired with competitive pricing for our customers

  • Providing unparalleled customer service with prompt action in processing and delivering products, thus cultivating long-lasting professional relationships

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